Highly Customisable Calendar

Shlott allows you to create highly customised calendars with unlimited categories, unlimited objects and 24 hours bookings. All for free.

Whatever your group does, Shlott has your booking needs covered. Flying clubs, sailing clubs, dance clubs and even sports halls. Everything you can imagine is covered by Shlott

Advanced Bookings

Shlotts highly customisable system allows your members to share bookings with each other, book multiple resources at the same time and even join a waiting list if the booking object is already booked.

No other free booking system has so many capabilities and so many features for FREE!

Multiple Group Membership

If you are a member of more than one group switching groups is a doddle. Simply click the switch group menu item and select your alternative group. Shlott allows membership of multiple groups at one time and all for FREE!

So, whatever group you're a part of know that Shlott has you and your groups covered.

Confirmation Emails

Every booking will allow email notifications to be sent to the booker, the group owners, the admin team and even the entire group if they have opted in. That's the power of Shlott!

Oh, and it's free!

Customer Driven Feature Requests

Shlott is 100% user driven. Whatever feature our users request we will consider implimenting. We even offer a voting system so we can track the popularity of the request. The more popular it is the sooner we will do it.

That's free too!

Free Help and Support

Every user of Shlott.com can raise a support ticket right from the main screen. No hidden contact pages or difficult to find ticketing system. If Shlott is as awesome as we think it is, you won't need to contact us very often!

It really IS Free forever!

Yes, it is! We built this system to be the best Free Online Booking System in the world. We want you to enjoy using Shlott for your group, business, club or school.

We do offer a Pro version for more advanced features but if you don't need to use those, Shlott will always be free for you and your group.

So much more...

There are literally hundreds and thousands of features in Shlott. We even give you the ability to request more features right from within the site itself.