Is shlott.com really free to use?

Oh yes. We are pilots, sailors, racing drivers and more. As such we understand that there are enough costs to our hobbies already. We will do everything we can to ensure that shlott.com remains free to use.  Only advanced features that larger groups need will ever be chargeable.

In that case, how is shlott.com funded?

Please click on the advertising banners.  That's how we get paid. Alternatively you could subscribe to use the service.  Subscriptions removes the advertising and also helps fund the service.  Choose free with adverts or subscription without adverts, it's your choice.

How do I join an existing Group?

For security, all membership requests must be made via your group. The club administrator will create you an account and you will receive an email notification with a temporary password that will allow you to log on. You can easily change your password at any time once logged in.

Can I be a member of more than 1 group at a time?

Oh yes, we’ve designed the system so that users can be members of multiple clubs. You can even have different access privileges in each club. Just make sure you use the SAME email address in all clubs. If you use the same email address you will have a 'Switch Group' menu option. This option won't appear if you don't use the SAME email address.

What time zone do you use?

All times throughout the system are displayed in club LOCAL time. This means that if your CLUB is based in the UK but you live in the US, the time displayed in the calendar will be the booking time of the CLUB. Also it is important for you to remember if/when daylight saving applies.

Are you still actively developing shlott.com?

Definitely. If you have any requests, suggestions or find any bugs please let us know by registering a feature request on the top right of the calendar page once you're logged in.

How do I change my email address?

That's very easy, just log in to Shlott and click your name in the top right next to the logo. Then go to the Profile tile where you will see your current email address. All you need to do is set your new email address in there.

Why are the booking times limited to 9am to 5pm for example?

Shlott allows each group to set their own opening times. An admin can set that by going to Manage Group and clicking on the Opening Times menu.

We have changed our opening times but some items on the calendar are not bookable outside of these times, why?

As well as the group opening times each resource can have their own 'Availability Times'. To change this settings and admin should click on Day View, click on the resource name in the calendar and then change the time the resource is available.

Can I ask another question?

Yes please, we'd be delighted to answer any question you have, simply contact us here: http://www.shlott.com/contact