Free Online Aircraft Booking System for Schools, Clubs, Groups and Syndicates

Free online aircraft booking system for Flying Schools, Clubs, Groups and Syndicates

We are pilots and we love flying.

That's why we built the original Free Online Aircraft Booking System called Airchunk. is Airchunk evolved.  It has many security enhancements, feature improvements and much better resiliency.

So, all this means that your Aviation group is in safe hands with Shlott.  We know what your group needs. is Designed by pilots and flying clubs for Aeroplanes, Gliders, Hot Air Balloons and any other flying machines. We are a free diary for use by Owners, Syndicate Owners and Shares, Airplane Groups, Flying Schools, Clubs. Our aim is to help reduce the cost of General Aviation and make airplane scheduling and sharing more accessible.

No matter what you do in Aviation: Powered Flight, Gliding, Microlight or Ballooning, let our online calendar system help you manage your aircraft.

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